What are the Animangapop App features?

Below are some listed features of the 'Animangapop App'. More will be added too in time with updates accordingly.

  • Animangapop App is available for 'Android' and 'Apple' devices from the start.
  • Multiple ways to sign-up to the app including 'Facebook', 'Apple ID', 'Google' or standard email.
  • Events Listings, Upcoming Events listed.
  • *Event activities and create 'To Do' list of activities. The ability to add custom notes to your 'To Do' list.
  • *Internal Floor Plan of each event.
  • News channel where you can get the latest information on events happening or coming up!
  • Live gallery where you will find Officially taken photos of the events.
  • *Live Chat, this is only available throughout the event.
  • *Collect and redeem 'Anipoints' by scanning the QR code when entering events.

*Only available when the user is 'signed-in' and not viewing the app as 'Guest'
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2021
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